Summer Solstice at Edtoba

We’re celebrating Summer Solstice at Edtoba: the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. The word solstice comes from the Latin solstitium—sol (sun) and stitium (to stop)—referring to the way the sun appears to pause its path on this day. The sun’s seeming stop is in fact caused by our global axis, which is about to gently tip us back toward shorter days and longer nights. For today, though, we celebrate light, and we acknowledge the wide range of global cultural traditions that have done the same for centuries.

Many summer solstice rituals center on fire, with bonfires or candle-lightings. At Edtoba, we’re tempering all the blaze with a peaceful reflection on water: this image from artist Lynn Saverese in our wall art collection. On this brightest day of our solar year, we invite you to join us as we take a moment to pause and recognize the power of the natural world—how its mysteries have created and inspired human cultures—and, in turn, how nature and culture enkindle our designs.

We wish you a joyful and reflective Summer Solstice.