Meet Edtoba

Edtoba creates spaces that cultivate stillness and inspiration. We want your home and workplace to become calm eddies in the exuberant and busy currents of the life you lead. With Edtoba, your space is your sanctuary.

Edtoba is led by designer and business innovator Nick Ahrens, who’s originally from Northfield, Minnesota. Nick dedicates himself to keeping one foot planted in the dynamic urbanity of New York City, and the other foot roaming the wide-open spaces of the rest of America and beyond. When Nick met his partner Ryan, who was living in Juneau, Alaska, their ongoing link with Alaska communities deepened Nick’s experiences of diverse cultural contexts and wild natural places. He brings those positive, sustaining energies into his designs.

Edtoba Co-founder Zhu Wang was born in Shanghai, China, and raised there and in Greenville, South Carolina. She and Nick met in New York. Alongside her passion for finance and design, Zhu is an avid global citizen. She travels for adventure and reflection—back home to China, as well as to numerous destinations around the world. Nick and Zhu lead Edtoba’s team of designers, manufacturers, and partnering craftspeople. Like a confluence of rivers, these people and their stories flow together to become: Edtoba.

The Edtoba Furniture line features selections from guest designers, as well as Edtoba’s growing original collection. Edtoba Lighting and Decor offers a curated collection from a select roster of American and European artists. And Edtoba Studio works with you to design your home and workplace into spaces that bring you a feeling of ease, while reminding you of the vibrant world beyond—the experiences that make you who you are.


Edtoba means design that is simple and profound.

Edtoba means space that’s crafted into a place where you can rejuvenate, recharge, and reflect, before and after your daily journeys and adventures.

Edtoba means that your space is your sanctuary.

With Edtoba, you design your life.