Everyday Tableware, for more than the Everyday

What defines the Edtoba tabletop? Aesthetic quality paired with simplicity; eye-catching design along with straightforward function; and refined taste for everyday use. These qualities might seem contradictory, but our belief is that organic shapes crafted from natural materials, finished in classic and muted colors, lead to table settings that are striking, simple, and functional, all at once. Your dinner guests will want to make this meal their next Instagram post. But at the same time, these table pieces feel just as perfect for weeknight leftovers.

There’s no need to have two sets of everything in your kitchen. Instead, you can invest in quality pieces that meet every need. Understated yet elegant pieces remind us that even the most quotidian afternoon snack can feel special, and that when hosting a meal, the real reason for the occasion is good food with beloved company. Clean, elegant tableware lifts up the experience of any gathering.

When your family or guests hold each tabletop object designed with these qualities in mind, they’ll feel in their fingers handmade craftsmanship and sustainable materials. Neutral- and natural-toned dishware, muted and simple linens, and natural-finish wooden utensils can all be just right for your pull-out-all-the-stops “Sunday best,” as well as your kids’ quick school-day breakfast. These aesthetics exemplify our Edtoba values: spaciousness, ease, and beauty, in the busy currents of the life you lead.



Ripple Plates

Available in 2 colors

from $27.00


Boreal Bowls

Available in 2 colors

from $24.00


Corky Glasses

Available in 2 colors

from $49.00


Troll Vases

Available in 3 colors

from $55.00


Bottle Grinders

Available in 4 colors



Serving Bowl

Available in 2 colors



Push Coffee Maker



Silent Vase

Available in 4 colors

from $49.00


Skinny Platter

Available in 2 colors